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Lazy and Furry

Pet Hair Remover Sticker Roller

Pet Hair Remover Sticker Roller

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   Why the roller is Unique ?

LazyAndFurry Hair Remover is not only eco-friendly, but it is also reusable. Unlike sticky paper rolls that need to be discarded and constantly require refill purchases, our hair remover generates zero waste.

Bid farewell to the unpleasant experience of touching dirty hair!

It is designed for self-cleaning, eliminating any concerns about touching dirty components. Simply press the button to empty the chamber, and you're all set! No matter if you're contending with shedding from dogs, cats, or any other furry companion, LazyAndFurry Pet Hair Remover is the ideal solution for maintaining pet hair-free fabrics.

How to use it ?

Rotate clockwise to open the stick
Gently brush off the hair attached to the clothing
Rotating the sticky hair
Repeat the rotation a few times to wind the hair into the slot
Tap the top of the sticky hair
Pour out the hair rubbish

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