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Lazy and Furry

Lazy Bed Cave For Cats and Small Dog

Lazy Bed Cave For Cats and Small Dog

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Stop Separation Anxiety !

The hooded cozycave replicates the comforting warmth provided by a caring dog      (or cat) mother, providing your pet with a feeling of security and comfort, ultimatelyleading to a happier and stress-free existence

Better sleep for your pet even when you're away

As pets anxiously await their beloved owners' return from work, they often develop anxiety. The Lazy Bed Cave offers a welcoming and peaceful sleeping spot for your furry companion to rest while you're away.

Say goodbye to joint pain

Prevent or reduce arthritis with the plush-filled Cozycave. Designed to protect your pet's bones from wear, inflammation, and damage caused by lying on cold, hard floors.

  • Raised edges create the perfect resting place for your pet head.
  • Anti-slip bottom ensures a safe and secure experience.



Find the perfect fit 

50 CM 

  • Cats, puppies, chihuahua, mini dachshund, pomeranian, small wesland terrier, yorkshire terrier

65 CM

  • Dachshund, mini schnauzer, bichon frise, shih tzu, maltese, beagle, jack russell, french bulldog, big westland terrier
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